Ronnie Dunn Album Out and Other Notes!

I haven’t written here on Country Chorus in some time. I was busy in Washington, DC with two internships in videography and journalism. So, after running around talking to bigwigs, and having a great time traveling after my internships in North Carolina and Texas and I’m now back in the Barrie, Ontario area, continuing to volunteer shooting baseball and getting involved in the television and videography industry in various other ways. That said, I’m back with a few notes on music!

Ronnie Dunn's new album

Ronnie Dunn's new album released today!

First off, Ronnie Dunn’s anticipated self-titled debut album is out today! You may have heard his hard-hitting lead-off single”Bleed Red,” or seen the superb music video directed by Thien Than. If you are in the Barrie or Southwestern Ontario region August 26-28 this summer you’re also in luck because Ronnie will be headlining the Saturday afternoon show, undoubtedly playing material from his new album! I am definitely hoping to be there depending how my financial situation and schedule works out. It’s a chance to hear one of country music’s all-time best male vocalists. I saw Ronnie live a few years back when he was still part of Brooks & Dunn, and man that guy can sing.

A few other notes on music I’ve been getting into or back into lately, to be more specific. Two American bluegrass bands that I’m into lately are Chatham County Line, with songs such as “The Carolinian,” and “The Ghost of Woody Guthrie.” .And the Avett Brothers.

Avett Brothers performing

Avett Brothers performing

I just love the Avett Brothers’ music. A couple favorites are “Salvation Song” ( or a live performance with bad audio but that shows spirit of the group), and “Head Full of Doubt/Road Full of Promise” (and check out the great video for it here).Their lyrics are insightful and full of heart, and they seem to be a band who really has something worth saying and music worth playing!

Picking Away

An Avett Brother picking away

I also love Latino music, bands like Mana, with songs like “Bendita Tu Luz,” and classic “Rayando El Sol.” I’ve also been listening to  Makano from Panama, “Yo Quisiera Vivir,” and “Te Amo,” make for some satisfyingly junky schmaltzy summer music 🙂

More updates soon, enjoy the hot weather everyone.


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I'm a journalist and videographer with an interest in country music currently working north of Toronto, Canada. I have a B.A. from Carleton University and a Master's Certificate in Broadcast Television from Fanshawe College. You can follow me on Twitter:
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