Really Love this Song

This guy's music has become astronomically better since finding a place in country music.

Times Like These by Kid Rock. Outstanding. A troubled past of his own in the pursuit of the empty things of the world, and the subject of Detroit’s despair coalesce into a simple heartfelt ballad. When things get really shitty and lonely, people can forget that they have each other, and that we are connected by a force greater than us all, but also within us all. Times Like These upholds the underlying beauty of life, even when outer disappointments seem to dull its vitality. While that may be easier as a rock star with a lot of money, the sentiments in the song ring true as can be, and that’s what counts. This song is full of God’s Grace, and gets what it’s all about – bringing people together for the good. The lyrics are perfect, and something about it hits home in a way many songs that have tried to do the same do not. In my view this is definitely the best song Bob Ritchie (Kid Rock) has recorded in his career.
(Here is the studio version).


About countrychorus

I'm a journalist and videographer with an interest in country music currently working north of Toronto, Canada. I have a B.A. from Carleton University and a Master's Certificate in Broadcast Television from Fanshawe College. You can follow me on Twitter:
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