Granger Smith – “Dirt Road Driveway” Review

GS-DirtRoadDriveway-CoverGranger Smith’s new album Dirt Road Driveway is a good listen. A fine-tuned, more thoroughly-produced record than Granger’s earlier Red-dirt-to-the-core albums like “Waitin’ on Forever” and “Memory Rd.,” “Pockets of Pesos” and “Livin’ Like a Lonestar,” this new set of tracks nonetheless keeps the edge of the singer/songwriter’s backroads, honkey-tonk sound.

“I am the Midnight” is by far the standout, most excellent piece on the album. It showcases Granger’s songwriting talent and vocal consistency with steel and fiddles going all-out as it paints a picture of the most dynamic, mysterious time of our 24-hour daily cycle.

The use of the literary device where an object, concept or in this case time of day speaks to the listener, shows the intelligence/unique approach that Granger’s got. That unique approach is going to take him further than your average songwriter, because contrary to what some might think the listening public in country music likes a song with a twist, an ironic or layered concept, and depth.

Plus Granger’s new Thirty Tigers record distribution deal could well launch him from Texas college pick to country-chart-wide attention.

“I am the midnight/I’m the lonely hearts/ Home of the searchin’ souls/ I am the whiskey sip you drink instead of going home/ I’m when the lovers rock/ I’m when the dreamers pray/ I am a little bit of hope when you need another day/ Tonight it’s a matter of time/ I am the midnight … I’m the beginning and end/ I’m full of grace and sin/  I’ll see you time and again.”

Of the song process on “I am the Midnight” Granger said:

“Some people are living the midnight out of desperation, some are burning the midnight oil working, and some have been asleep for four hours now. There’s so many different ways to look at it, and I thought that would be a cool way to approach the song.”

“Miles and Mud Tires,” is my second-favourite, a piece that came together after a lot of brainstorming and fusing melody and concept, as Granger said. Altogether a good country album with a little bit of comedy at the end. 7/10


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I'm a journalist and videographer with an interest in country music currently working north of Toronto, Canada. I have a B.A. from Carleton University and a Master's Certificate in Broadcast Television from Fanshawe College. You can follow me on Twitter:
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