About Me:

My name is Paul Brian, I am  originally from British Columbia, Canada. I also grew up partly in upstate New York, and have lived in DC and the Republic of Georgia, where I spent last year teaching and had the best experiences of my life. I have a background in video journalism and currently work in print journalism for a community newspaper in rural Saskatchewan, Canada.

I’m interested in reviewing music, networking, songwriting, and doing public relations and publicity work for country musicians and singer/songwriters. I have contributed to and Country Music Pride. 

Twitter @paulrbrian


One Response to Contact

  1. Anthony Cordova says:

    Hey Paul,

    Happy Holidays!

    We are excited to share our Artist Savvy & Mandy’s video Comin’ Back As A Cowboy with you! In just the past week Savvy & Mandy’s Comin Back As A Cowboy video has landed on the Chinese Video Charts garnering nearly 200,000 views!

    Savvy & Mandy (sisters 18 & 20) are a Country/Pop Duo from Southern California that currently reside in Nashville Tennessee. The girls have been busy writing and performing in Nashville for the past year and are now ready to share their music with the world. We would appreciate you taking the time to review the attached video link at your earliest convenience. Please let us know if you would like any more info on the girls.

    All the best,


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