Alan Jackson – “Blue Ridge Mountain Song”

AlanJacksonWhat a great song from Alan Jackson, written, composed and sung by him off of September’s Bluegrass Album. This bluegrass country old-time song is exactly in line with the best stuff Jackson’s ever done and the style that made him a household name in country music.

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Cole Swindell – “Chillin’ It”

Great single. This one will go big. Opening for Luke this concert season ain’t going to hurt him either.

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Luke Bryan – “Drink a Beer”

The emotions in this song are so real for those who know some of the backstory. Luke lost his brother the night before he was planning to move to Nashville and then lost his sister too years later 😦

Christ, just seeing what people survive in their life is a miracle. What a great guy and good role model Luke is, we oughtta all be very thankful to have him in country music.

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Urban Rediscovering His Original Style

Keith Urban is getting back to the harmonies, style and atmosphere that made him a household name! Rootsy and vibrant, produced but not over, mature voice that still has a young edge, fun idea that somehow just works — home run.

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Chris Cagle – “Let There Be Cowgirls”

Cagle’s back folks. Enjoy on loud.

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Drew Gregory – “Small Town Way”

Interviewed Drew for the paper today, so that’ll be out next week. Nice guy who I think will start getting a lot more airplay in Canada and US. Here’s a song off his 2010 Country Hurricane album I’ve been enjoying.

This year’s The Way I was Raised (music mid-page on the right) also has some great tracks.


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Brad Paisley – “Beat This Summer”

Brad_Paisley_–_Beat_This_Summer_(iTunes)Something about this song really gets to me. Brad has deftly captured a certain elusive feeling of summers-gone, mixed with upbeat power chords, radio dial noise (great metaphor for memory scanning back) meeting classic grade A nostalgia. The song, co-written by Paisley and two of his regular writers Chris DuBois and Luke Laird is a good one indeed. Although his instrumentation and style is definitely getting more experimental, in my opinion it works on this song, whereas the rest of Wheelhouse was not really my cup of tea.

Somehow the simple, direct and youthful-sounding tone of the lyrics (“ain’t ever gunna beat this summer”) really rings true when Paisley sings it.

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